Come With Me Original

by peder

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released April 1, 2016


all rights reserved



peder Denmark

Peder started out as a scratch D.J. and household remixer for the Beastie Boys.
Now he’s a singer that makes dusty 50’s prom music from your sweet nightmare and a filmcomposer with music featured in Breaking Bad and not to forget a director featured at Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Directors Showcase
He has won a Grammy, DMA and a Steppeulv (the critics award) amongst others.
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Track Name: Candyman
candy man

there is a wind blowing
from your cold cold lips
i reach out to hold on
but my arms are like wodden sticks’

there is a night coming
from the dark in your eyes
i’m searching for the light
but there is no cracks in the sky

candyman oh candyman
take back the suger in her hands
candyman oh candyman
take back the sugar in her hands
Track Name: Still Life
oh how blissfull you look
as you're lying there
perfectly distilled
without a breath of air

your _open mouth
the whitest of skin
your cold cold hands
so innocent again

tonight the music is free
without the beat off your heart
my beautiful piece of art
you bring me closer to god

i saw you loosing your faith
you allmost got away
so close to the light
i had to help you stay

so peacefully they rest
the flowers on your chest
the voices from within
so quiet again

tonight the music is free
without the beat off your heart
my beautiful piece of art
you bring me closer to god
Track Name: Black Snow
outside my window
the sky is falling so slow
leaving the ground in silence
so gloomy and beautiful

i wish that you were
here to share this view
(but i) guess all I'm seeing
is the absence of you

i need a piece of the truth - i need to know
where did you go?
but it hides so well under the black snow
i'm waiting for sunlight - but no show
where did you go?
this view is fading away in the black snow

i know there is (a) beauty
apart from you
i know somewhere behind the snow
the sky is blue

i guess the only beauty
left for me
is in the space - where you
used to be
Track Name: Come With Me
the streets that i see you walk
the talk i hear you talk
the noise that you make
the smile that you fake

it's just not the way you are
you're meant for something more
oh you bring my heart to the floor

the things you do oh my
let me help you.. let me try
point your needle at(for) the sky

come with me to happiness
i know it's good for you
meet me on the perfect sky
of everlasting blue

i just want to see your eyes
swim out in the light
out of their reach and in to the high

you have to come with me
never be alone
just take my hand and ill take you home
Track Name: Watch Me Burn
pale was her skin
just like the moon, shining so bright
like liquid in her eyes

she let me swim
in the (sea) of her dreams
the high of her skies

the waves of her hair
in the sails of her gown
i let it all go
and she let me drown

still a drowning man
she carried me along
very deep below
to enjoy her show

like in a withering dream
i saw my self turn
from water into steam..

in a crowded room
in the light of the moon
i watched her take her turn
and she watched me burn
Track Name: The Last Time feat. Maria Hamer-Jensen
I didn't see your face, but i knew you were smiling
I didn't see your face, but I knew you were smiling
I didn't see your face, but I knew it was the last time
The last time
I would see you
I didn't see your face, the last time I saw
The last time I saw you.
Track Name: Forever Young
i am not growing old
i am forever young

time is not taking its toll
it's standing still through this song

allways here, forever young
with you so silent and gone

allways, allways the same you see
my longings are few
there is no other wish in this heart
but to fall apart with you

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